Download Apps For Autism

Download Apps For Autism

Download Apps For Autism

The apps on this list cost quite a bit more than some of the ones you can more readily find. However, they also come with a lot more for the autistic child, offering them a more extensive way to communicate and learn. Download Apps for Autism like SPEAKall, Pop Math Lite, Autism iHelp, Starfall ABC/Learn To Read, Emotions and Feelings – Autism, Super Why!, Proloquo2Go, TouchChat HD, …


This app takes on one of the greatest challenges that autistic children face. Download Proloquo2Go.

TouchChat HD

There are several version of TouchChat, ranging across various prices. Download TouchChat HD.


It is new, but very powerful, primarily for use with the iPad. Download SPEAKall.

Starfall ABC/Learn To Read

Only available on iTunes. Download Starfall ABC/Learn To Read.

Super Why!

This is a PBS Kids app that will help your child to be part of a hunt for letter identification. Download Super Why!.

Emotions and Feelings – Autism

Download Emotions and Feelings – Autism.

Pop Math Lite

This app version gives an introduction to basic addition in a fun and interesting way for children. Download Pop Math Lite.

Autism iHelp

It is an app that helps to teach vocabulary to autistic children and was developed by parents and speech pathologists. Download Autism iHelp.

Autism Therapy with MITA

Download Autism Therapy with MITA.

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