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Download AutisMate for iPhone and iPad

Download AutisMate for iPhone and iPad. Quickly becoming an editor’s choice in certain circles, AutisMate is touted as one of the best apps for autism that can be purchased. Strictly dedicated to those with autism, is as highly recommended by

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Download SPEAKall! for iPhone, iPad and Android

Download SPEAKall for iPhone, iPad and Android. SPEAKall is new, but very powerful, primarily for use with the iPad. It has already helped many autistic children to improve in the area of communication. Some of the most important features include

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Download TouchChat HD ACC for iPhone and iPad

Some parents of autistic children go with TouchChat, as it is a bit cheaper than Proloquo2Go, but is still an argumentative and alternate communication app. There are several version of TouchChat, ranging across various prices. The sophistication of the therapy

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Download Proloquo2Go for iPhone and iPad

This app takes on one of the greatest challenges that autistic children face. Communication is very important and worth the extra effort expended to develop it. This is an ACC (Argumentative and Alternative Communication) app uses the strength that autistic

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Download Autism Therapy with MITA

This app is not only used by more than 25,000 children with autism spectrum disorders it comes highly recommended by hundreds of doctors and pediatricians as well. MITA stands for Mental Imagery Therapy for Autism and is an early intervention

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Download Autism iHelp

Autism iHelp is an app that helps to teach vocabulary to autistic children and was developed by parents and speech pathologists. The app was inspired when a specific language tool for intervention was found to be needed in autistic children.

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Sensory Games; Autism and Sensory Dysfunction


Of the children diagnosed around the world with autism, almost all of them are diagnosed with other disorders as well. Since autism is a spectrum disorder, one or more disorders on the same spectrum can also present with autism. (1

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